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Sunday, May 19, 2013

FACEBOOK - a Faustian deception

Well here it goes. The days have transformed into months. I awoke one morning and was startled... How did I get here? How does time mercilessly apprehend those of us who strive without hesitation to achieve our trivial goals. Alas, I sit here, inflated by a plate of steaming pasta and meatballs. As I reflect upon the days doings, the monotony of the streets, the predictability of the persons who traverse the streets, I am left in awe and very very much in wonder. For I have partaken in the lugubrious habits of the majority. It has driven me, sans doute, et non pas sans dote, to the very edge of my physical limitations prescribed to life as I perceived it around me. My biggest issue takes on its morose form in the letters decorating the doleful, vacant, disturbing conjunction of syllabubs the world has ever witnessed. The utterance of which drives my back hairs to stand upon my spine, the very core of my soul shaking with utter distress- those letters, dare I write them upon the electronic form for which transmutation into being is denied the right, FACEBOOK. Oh what sad years has the world seen, or has been denied from seeing due to this facade of social connection. Facebook is misleading, it is Faustian- a bargain of networking such that MEPHISTOPHELES HIMSELF might very well have been hiding beneath those hellish eyes of Mark Zuckerberg. His reward for zapping the life of millions of souls is a financial sum greater than pharaoh Tutankhamen's entire Egyptian kingdom, and yet the world stands silent. The world is equally at fault for not rejecting this EPIC TIME WASTING environment. I have had enough of Facebook, and will happily resign my account. Thank you all for your patience, and I would only PRAY that you follow suit in nixing the abysmal dungeon of facelessbook.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Once again the flame burns. Dazzling, dizzying flame. A cold night does not kill the energetic dance but rather seems to feed it, encouraging it to sing and flicker like a serpent's tongue. So strange, that the fuel feeds up into the rain drop flame with mechanical precision, maintaining its curvy body with such astonishing geometric symmetry, as if the language of God were coded into the expression of all matter, secretively held in the very shape of the burning orange light.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Flame at the end of the tunnel

Sometimes the light does not shine.... sometimes the darkness covers our eyes and blinds us from the clarity our weary minds yearn to see. In those moments of dulled senses and tired resolve, we must lock our gazes upon a single burning flame... When you've lived in a dark hell where the only thing you could trust was the purity of all colors- the colors which comprise of energy, the burning of colors of life- the shadows creep so horridly beyond everything that is suffuse of light, reminding us of the delicate and FINITE nature of a decaying happiness. BUT!!! Why do all things decay? The transient passage of our bodies through the 4 dimensions is more fleeting than the instantaneous flash of warmth from a fire-fly. From the ultimate perspective- and really it is all about perspective- ones life is a solemn event. A flash- and few thousand beats of heart- and then into a place that no one knows, yet everyone will visit. What sensless irony? So if nothing more, eat some cake, watch a movie, and dwell deeply on perspective- maybe along the way you might discover how if perspective can insume the finite---- then with enough stretch of the imagination, the infite lies just beyond a single contemplation. Let wisdom reign, and the fire of the mind burn into the night.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Making Mistakes

Mistakes happen so that we can learn from them... What exactly are you supposed to do if you fall down and you decide, oh well, im a failure, I may as well stay down here where I belong.... NO F@#$#$^@ing way bro! You don't stay on the floor if you fall.... you get right the F back up and go about conquering the world.

Right, so by this massively simplistic analogy, if you mess up at work, or in your life by not working out, doing something wrong for the first time, or just because of human error (we all mess up somewhere and somehow- it's how we learn!!! DUHHHH),
you need to treat it the same as when you fell... First off....

Answer me this? If you fall down, why is your reaction to get up? WHat purpose does standing really serve you? If you answered survival, you would probably be right....
Let us refine this assertion some more. If our purpose is to survive, and by standing we are doing something that will help survive, should we just stop once we have achieved fully erect?!@

No, we go walking for some food.

By this logic, we are acting in a way that not only puts us on a path to survival but we do it so that we can survive in the best possible way.

We must currently define best: best being that which is more desirable or by opposing, that which is of a lesser of two negatives.

In all interactions, humans must make both a prediction and a decision. Every moment the feedback loop is closed and we go about our lives, oblivious to these sub-routines of the unconscious sort. There for, there must be a logic by which we define our actions unconsciously to achieve a desired result- that of survival....The bigger question is who programs the end result?

Ultimately, we both know the answer to this. You DECIDE your end result. It is easier to achieve the minimum then it is to thrive... However, which is the greater negative? Surviving minimally, or thriving with some effort.

Is human effort and the expenditure of energy worse then say taking it easy.

This is the greatest trick of the mind that must be overcome in order to truly understand ones potential and thrive rather then subsist.
Mastery of these mechanisms is the difference between a fantastic life and one of subdued happiness and perforated serenity.

The difference that you have control over is the logic of the mind and the systems throgh which the logic is effected through. Your body is a machine. What you feed it and how you tone it will determine how effective it will be at effectuating your will.

The Greeks believed in the link between a healthy body and a clear mind- the link has been proven by the scientific method and is beyond hypothesis. One must achieve a healthy body before one may attempt to stand back up.

Equipped with a new machine, we now must program the logic controllers so that the machine can operate with the least amount of WILL POWER- that is to say will power is the expenditure of energy, and we must decide fast how to mitigate the electrical toll.

One solution to the above supposition is to automate our actions so that will power takes the back seat to habit. Formulation of habit can optimize the body machine to achieve maximum results.

If you do not perform these simple maintenance routines, you are not following a survival driven code built to thrive, and are not justified in your excuses.

Take the initial step of recognizing the steps.... then leap with faith to a decision to change.

These messages were brought to you by Aristotle and the Flame.

Have a good week =)

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Was surfing the net this evening and came across videos of this guy named tsim fuckis, who despite having a rare aging disease and being physically deformed- brought so much courage and confidence to the stage with videos of himself rapping and dressed fashionably that it was on the brink of inspirational. (he has passed away now sadly) but Tsim demonstrated charisma despite being physically different that should encourage anyone who ever doubts themselves to take a step back and employ some major perspective to your own reality.

Most of us are blessed with good fortune if we take a moment to be grateful for simply being alive.

I made this drawing a few days ago for those of you who have not yet seen it:


Copy the link into the URL and check it out! like and comment too please.

-The Flame

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Heroes

Life often throws us curve balls, and whether you catch them or not, they can spark the most significant changes one has the opportunity of experiencing in a lifetime.

One of the greatest influences in my life has been from a pretty unexpected source.... You would think that a CO-OP with a major company, living on your own in an unknown city, and being responsible for everything for the first time would have the biggest impact for someone not even out of college yet.... and yet you would be mistaken.

One individual, by the secret code name of fox, has quite aptly, and as cunningly as a fox, influenced me to the point of drawing me out of a defensive shell through her good-willed nature, consistent honesty, and appreciable shrewdness. Fox is the picture of fearlessness and a fountain of youthful energy and truthfulness that makes most people either face up to their own behavior or strive to be more life the fox- fair, honest, and thoughtful.

The beginning of our friendship was riffled with tumultuous good-times. I would deliver my most careful sarcasm only to be met with equal candor. This back and forth continued for quite some time until finally enough was enough, and the face off brought the mounting tension and discord to a frenetic crux that taught me one of those lessons that only life can teach...... My barriers subsequently came down, and whether she knows it or not, the course of my life, just as the butterfly flaps its pattern-filled wings and sets into motion the most incredible hurricane, Fox had- through her incredible act of honesty, managed to steer my ship back to course and straight through my own personal storms towards an island of possibilities and life-long happiness.

Now, we laugh, joke, and have developed a fantastic camaraderie that has made my experience at my first job significantly more enjoyable. I am thankful daily to have met the fox, and the fox can know that she has effectually altered the course of my destiny.

Alas, The greatest influences of ones life are directly proportional to the intensity of the fire that doth cast the shadow.

- The flame.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The power of the mind

I have embarked on a new journey.... destination=success

All that I know is that when TONY Robbins described the golf swing as being millimeters from a successful hit, a chord was struck within me. I recognized how small actions daily over the expanse of several months with a corrected swing could compound and bring about profound and life-changing differences in the quality and quantity of life that each of us can lead.

The trick is a combination of time-management, discipline, and clarity.

1. First determine some goals
2. Then outline what you will do to attain that goal.....
3. Schedule exact hours and days that you will work to move forward on your objective....
4. Get into the habit of working when you do not feel like it
(this may take some practice but until it becomes a habit, you need to face your discomfort and punch it in the stomach.
5. Move like the ball being struck a few millimeters differently now on course to the flag poll. Sit back and enjoy stress-free days, huge gains in productivity and happiness, and ultimate success in pretty much everything.

I share these principles because they are sound and I hope that they can improve your life as much as they are improving mine.

Have a good week

- the flame